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Archi Typos

Author: Private Privjet



    you are technically mentally ill if you

  • write unbounded poetry,
  • want independence,
  • want to test boundaries,
  • make references,
  • make others feel uncomfortable.
  • unless you:

  • consider the source of YOUR information,
  • leave your comfort zone and progress

Under the original criteria from the (very recently updated/update-able) DSM 5, I must declare the contradiction of being classified as Mentally ill (when I’m really just Sick AF).

YOU would have to be crazy to think normal now, couldn’t look abnormal given the wrong context. Or for example, if your proof of concept was taken to be a final draft, when your viewers DO NOT register as hits.

“How is it possible for such a small group to rule billions?”

Actually, that is not probable in any system. In order for a group to have the ability to take care of their own needs, they must individually be capable and self sufficient. Most of America’s super rich kids rely on their money to pay professionals to take care of their needs for them, hence the artisans of any/every field retain the last say. In this sense, mutiny is the rule rather than the exception. Those that demand power will eventually alienate those with the skill and means to acquire it.

“The enforcement of statism does not come from the state, but rather from [our] fellow slaves.
The government manifests as hierarchical, but it is in fact horizontal.
Social attack on ideas, not jail time, keep people in line.”
-Stefan Molyneux

Fuck it, let’s start a country

Where is this oppression apparent?
Al Bet Change Doesn’t Effect Future Generations Having Imagination.
Just Kidiots Letting Miracle Notions Over Power Questionable Reality.

Serious Truth & Un-Variable Words X-cite You
Should Learn to read between the lines.


If only words talked,
Typos would tick.
I no one
I’mbodied mynd.
I M U.
O yes you.

form from
every i
putting every u
into A same pattern.

Carl young,
A sage,
is said to
have had
about boxes.
h U mans tend
to categorize
Hmanus using
care actors.

The Self
is deceptively
In factuallity,
to others,
U r without 1.


I turn a blind I
to your god
I am wrong,
U see.
God is a clever metaphor
the amalgamation of every
and intuition
and instinct
and insight
and interpretation
except I can’t perceive
and extend
and expect
and existentialize
and express
instead, my god explains
that even if i can’t reach u,
You may be reached by me.
combining meta
for all your i’s
from mine.

The Aenima/us
I’s trusually ignored,
unless Footballerinas
cross genderlines.


The Shadow


The Persona

0n Calamity 1n Teh Net

Ignorance is Blisstering

I’d like to find love.
I don’t realize.
I tried to learn to teach.
I make mistakes.
I basically live in a cave.
Many years of sitting in chairs
have had their troll on me.
I wanted freedom, so I left school.

“I trip to make the fall shorter,
fall quarter was just a tall order.”

Rap Musician

My brain was outstanding,
but I should not be taken serious.
I’ve seen quite a few stoops in my day,
I can tell from the way they pick them selves apart.
Constructing some self-destructive criticism.
The story changes in the telling,
Yet it was written.
I wrote therefore you read.
I was square rooted, O round earth.
“What If U and I were just letters?”

Rap Musician

Some simple symbol like the sun
may shine light on holy shit.
gotta let god no your sins.
I’lluminate prozac prophets.
Collecting favour for one day,
may obscure present flavour.
“What’s better than tripping,
Is falling in love.”

Rap Musician

Symbiotic realationships
depend on independence.
Bo Di an My nd.
Dy nam i Bo nd.
If it is meant to be,
It’s never not.
“Nothing is everything,
With a twist.”

SciFi Author

The first true love that
folded at the lightest touch
“The Self can be seen in

popular culture as a circle.”


I’m O?
R u 1?
I know 0ne isnt zer
“Everybody’s somebody’s everything,
Nobody’s Nothing at all”

Rap Musician

There’s a little
yin in my yang.
“What’s good good,
and what’s good evil?”

Rap Musician

Overly zealous adults are
Understandably jealous.
Love is lesser than three,
until pro-lifers defetus.
Mary had a little affair,
a bastard, and a lame divorce.
John Snow Son of Jane doe.
God spoke to John.
Is my voice in your head?
I can read in yours.
Is your choice in my best?
To each his own.
Learn yourself.
I was in Uh-merica where it
Is lam to di et no pork.
Corn you copy me?
I ham thourough.
You are what you eat.
I eat therefore I am.
The moral of this story is morale.
The last thing I want is more alpha.
I’m looking for balance.


What’s a scarce metal
without our desire?
I want to live forever.
Mummified cryo froze
eating honey and
money bags up
till i’m put down.
Or worse, poison passed.
I quit tobacco until
I felt myself slickly
falling into sickness.
scheming one eyed smoke
signals. American Spirit.
I’ve seen the red hand
alongside the white man walking.
the conflict based culture
which has no more opponents
must consume itself.
floundering man you fact sured
be leafs.
Gather your vivacious investments
with spices and natural preserves.
The king likes coffee,
but he doesn’t like t.
Seething healing remedies,
remember heavenly melodies?
“throw your diamonds in the sky.
The rock is still alive
if you feel the vibe.”

~Kanye West

“Get your game on,
Go play.”

Alternative Rock Musicians

Games motivate.
locomotion works.
Down to brass tax,
Transportation is oil.

-Ayn Rand

Black gold stand offs cause
caustic pollution in perception
of value in a population.
please allow me to placate your
fallacious following of the leader.

I’ve seen
the red hand
and the white man
walking together once again.

“You don’t get high
on your own supply.”


The Hypo-principal

God is Love and
Love is real.
It’s just that real is fake
I know one isn’t o
Classic a-b-c-e-d-ucation
can F with people’s heads.
I no A isn’t B.
I know every A must Be
And every B must be ed you k shunned
This Alpha Beat needs to change.
l-m-n-o school disorders.
“The definition of ADHD is really
a collection of behaviours that annoy
teachers and require attention.”

M.D. psychiatrist

High school was an apt name for it.
Maybe I’m Just a Kidiot,
or maybe amphetamines halt organ development,
when used repetitively by children.
Adult Babies may exist in crea singl y large numbers
May be my nd yo ur p’s and q’s.
By dogma, teachers shouldn’t shun educats.
Instructors should illuminate requested material.
Pyramids are only half the battle.
“Every Need’s Got an Eagle to feed.”

Reggae Musician

medical students steady study in a stressed stupor.
Information controls are incoming.
A large scale public uplift in liberty outgoing.
We traded freedom for safety.
“The faster We’re falling,
We’re stopping and stalling.
We’re running in circles again.”

Alternative Rock Musicians

Discipline, standards, and norms rationalize de-humanization.
The reference librarian Christains in rome were persecuted,

Some famous Speech from an Economist

The internet anarchocapitalists will have been prosecuted in America,
If they can manage to save the human race.
i know won is not zero.

Oppression Depression

“Across many cultures all over the world,
women are much more likely to suffer from depression than men are.
Taking into account that men are less likely to seek help,
it is estimated that women are twice as likely to suffer from depression.”

Instructor of psychology

Americans are desensitized to atrocities
done outside their direct environment.
They will even deliver lethal shocks,
if someone credible accepts the responsibility.

Some Famous psychology study

Oppression invariably makes its way into
the individual lives of all,
when all individuals divide themselves by nothing.
separated from balance, life becomes evil.
When no master knows the fortitude of discomfort,
and no slave gets the fruit of harvest,
Everyone will become zero.
Instead of u becoming wii,
we becomes me.
Icing on the cake doesn’t mean
it’s not a lie.
Halloween candy lead to
coffee in the morning,
alcohol at night,
Tobacco, and marijuana.

dependence on a
Biology is mixing with technology: Intellegenics.
Information unveils value from objects: the GOOD.
Subjectively choose something, and supply it: revere.
Repeat to others what I have passed you: 3rd person.
“I Wore my jacket as a cape, and my umbrella as a cane.
The richest Man Rocks the Snatchless necklace.”

Rap Musician

Speak not, but outside word worlds: ethereal eyes.
You’re a world within a world: ah, Live.
Inter-related echelons of organisms: systems.
clear my lens of Bro Culture.
A lively woman facebooked me how old I was: 21.
I’ve seen “Spineless bitches in backless dresses.”

Rap Musician

I started with I wouldn’t buy her alcohol or marijuana.
She told me about her gluten allergy.
Vicious and empty poison passing.
These meaningless assumptions blink.
I said it without thinking.
I didn’t realize.
“People that’s big now used to get little in the dark.”

Rap Musician

I’ve wanted in on older kid’s inside references.
Outraged, I couldn’t stand to not understand.
It makes sense hierarchically to confuse competition.
I became that which I always hated.
“it’s all good now, we’re all little kids at heart.”

Rap Musician

Ok, belated relief accumulates.
Nothing’s not over till it is.
It’s never knot.
Every idiot is it.
i didn’t Real ii.
“I am playing the game,
the one that will take me to my end.”

Psychedelic Trance Musicians

Couch surfing new-jew.
Fire archy split.
If a tree falls in the ForEx, does it make a pip?
Foreign Exchange currencies more plentiful than stocks.
news is just on the other side of the camera.
I know to eye jack seesawing another dimension.

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Income Elite, Revolutions, Science, and Specialization

Best read while listening to Psychedelic Trance


Differences between the “ruling class” and the “rest of us” have an incredily bad effect on one, and a bad affect on the other. Even the people at the top of unequal societies are less healthy on average than those near at the top of equal societies.

(check out the video we watched for our SWEET blog posts here).


Revolution is the collective discontent of enough individuals who drive a complete social and monetary upheaval. This is more or less an inevitability, if we look back in history. It’s impossible to preordain the straw that broke the camel’s back, but are we overdue? What structural factors make America revolt? Check out this TED Talk about conditions of societal collapse. Problems like those that Wilkonson (from the video you didn’t watch) presents destabilizing the populous.


(How the hell would you know? Check out my first post here.)


So let me brief you. Ideology itself is a constantly morphing attitude towards something we don’t, haven’t, and by the strictest standards, will never fully understand. That doesn’t mean you should become a defeatist, though, just a realist. There are limits and parameters forĀ  everything that you do. But you can change and impact the world! Ideology is just a parsimonious way to self-assume ignorance, irrationality, and/or subjectivity.


It’s important to understand your very real effect on everyone, even the most seen members of society. You change the outcome of, for example, a sports game by making a physical appearance to the game. You can also
change an entire sport team’s season justĀ  through facebook, twitter, or other social media. It’s a societal application of the observer principal, as we’ve seen in the field of quantum physics (and thus, you altered it):

Originally seen on the UAF SWEET Blog