Non Thinking

I should write when this happens to me, too! No additional thoughts needed :p

Scribblings of an Acid Mind

It is currently 11:07 pm. I find myself having the sleeping space I share with my husband empty. All this full size mattress space to myself? Boo-yah! It should be peaceful, I can lay there and let visualizations form, cuddle with my adorable Sol puppy…. I’ll be still…. and not even seconds later my mind is flooded with thoughts. Intrusive, infiltrating my own personal Nirvana. I end up furrowing my brow, agitated by their presence.

I see words when they are “spoken” in my mind. They float like sentences in front of a black canvas-back drop and if I speak long enough, it turns into a paragraph. I often reply to the questions my brain will ask me, conversation or arguments ensue, the paragraph transforms into an entire page of a booklet. Keeping me awake for what feels like forever as seconds roll into minutes.

It’s rare when I find…

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